Good News and Bad News

I’ve always been a big believer in the gray areas – nothing is ever just black and white in life. So, I’m not totally surprised to find myself solidly situated in a gray area right now. Let me explain.

Good News

Here’s the good news – the API “economy/revolution/whatever-you-were-calling it” is no longer a secret conversation between a few hundred people and on a couple of websites. We’re proudly out in the open, with governments around the world declaring policies that require APIs for certain industries.

With that kind of support comes a proliferation of conferences and meetups. People are meeting to talk about APIs around the globe on a regular basis. So regular, in fact, that it’s getting harder to schedule events that don’t overlap with each other, leaving many of us with hard choices about which API gathering to attend.

Bad News

And that leads us to the bad news…

We’ve had only a handful of registrations for API Craft this year and lack-luster interest from sponsors (not surprising since there is little visibility for them, being that this is an unconference and all). One of the reasons is that this event overlaps another larger event that many people are going to instead.

So, we’ve come to the hard decision that this year’s API Craft is not to be. For me, personally, that’s a very hard truth because I find this conference to be different from the others… this is more of a working session, where we work together to ask and answer questions that may not come up in the more proscribed setting of a regular conference. It’s also on a par with RESTFest from an egalitarian standpoint – with no speakers on the stage, declaring their truths, everybody attends as an equal in the industry.

For those of you who signed up, we’ll be issuing refunds over the coming week. Thank you for your support.

Never Fear

We’ll try again next year and will hopefully find a space in the calendar where API lovers everywhere don’t have to choose between us and another event.